Our Story


One day Kelsey was on a walk and was listening to a podcast. The podcast host walk talking about the franchising businesses and Kelsey thought to herself how one day she would love to create something that could be franchised so that she could allow other people the opportunity to create the life they wanted. She loved that aspiring entrepreneurs could franchise a "business in a box", because lets be real, not everyone has the time or desire to build something from scratch. As she thought about it more, the idea of building something that relied on a physical location seemed very unsure due to the uncertainty of the world we live in, so she thought, "what if I could bring the idea of a "business in a box" online?"
To her knowledge, there was no agency offering a 100%, done for you, online business with extensive training on how to run that business after the key is handed over. Knowing her strengths, she immediately started thinking about whom she could bring on board to fill in the gaps. After interviewing several website designers and even more PR & marketing specialists, it finally clicked and she found a team who was just as excited about this project as she was. Sarah and Selena were the perfect fit. After their first meeting it was off the the races. A few days later they thought, "why not make this as full-service as it can get, and bring on an in house communications manager." Enter Taylor, and the team was complete. With these 4 powerful women, all unique in their own specialties and expertise, BOSSBOXX was ready to start creating freedom for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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We are a full service, “Business-in-a-Box” that brings unique business building components together in unison to create a business built for you with your lifestyle in mind.